Generators Clip on


The  Clip-on is designed to keep the fuel consumption low and the performance high. It has standard pin mount system and can be supplied with clamp mounting (upon request). Due to the low fuel consumption we reduced the size of the fuel tank and therefore the weight. As an option we can also build the unit with larger fuel tank. It is fitted with a permanent magnet alternator which was specially designed for the transport industry. The  Clip-on unit gives you the best total cost of ownership.

Length= 2355 mm
Height= 1070 mm
Width= 665 mm

Without fuel in fuel tank = < 700 kg

Type: Cummins A2300 (Licenced - Kukje Machinery
Engine size : 2.286 liter
Certification: EURO e IIIA norm, EPA Interm TIER 4, QS9000 Manufactured
Noise level: < 73 dBa
Average fuel consumption: 2.4 liter per hour @ 380V/50Hz output

Type: RF4-160
Power: 60Hz / 19.2kW (24 KVA) 50Hz / 17kW (20 KVA)
Efficiency %: 94.3 %

Unique feature of this alternator is that it is able to handle 3 x 1 phase circuit with varying loads, as well as 3 Phase loads at the same time. This enables the unit to supply 380 V/50 Hz and 220V/50Hz at same time (if needed).

Function: Automatic "pre- heat" Start | Alarm list | Alarm reset | Hour meter | Voltage check|
Safety: Oil level & water temperature

Unique feature on the controller we use is that in case the controller is giving problems the units can be switched into an emergency by-pass which will run the unit without the controller so cargo can be saved.